Young Thug: Challenging the Rules of Hip-Hop Fashion and Masculinity


Is that Rapper wearing a dress? I’ll bet that’s a question you’ve never heard until a rapper by the name of Young Thug sent social media into frenzy after the release of his new mix tape called No, My Name is Jeffery on the cover of which the rapper is wearing a dress. I know you’re thinking “marketing ploy” but this isn’t the first time the rapper has enrobed in womenswear. Androgyny is part of his everyday look but the cool thing is, he makes it look as hip-hop as a bunch of gold rope necklaces wrapped around a Bugatti draped with half naked women with 2 Chainz behind the wheel.

Now how do I describe such a vivacious style? The foundation of Young Thugs style is his affectation for street-wear. Elongated sweatshirts, cut-up jeans, bold footwear – the whole nine yards. But what sets him apart is his style of meshing street wear staple with piece that often times are literally made for women and pull it off.

Flashy high-top sneakers with a cheetah print t-shirt, a bold colored utility jacket with jeans off the ladies rack and timberland boots styled with a skirt and crop top are just some of the looks you’ll see from the query “young thug fashion.” Aside from fusing two separated sides of a department store in one look, Thugs style is an exhibition of vibrant color, bold patterns and more jewelry than the vaults of Cartier can hold.

All Black Everything – Exempt the Diamonds

My favorite of his looks is the all black number Thug wore recently for his birthday party. An outfit featuring lace and diamond makes me think of formal wear straight from a scene in Downton Abbey. This outfit could have easily made him look as if he was dressed in a costume but rather it looks elegant and as masculine as Chuck Norris punching a demon.

The secret to the success of this look is portion control in terms of what my mother has taught me about interior design. We’ve got enough bling in this look to fund a political campaign but its left to shine in its own against the all black outfit. Then, texture is introduced with a shirt that I myself would have once mockingly called a blouse. Lastly, that’s contrasted with leather pants that bring in more texture and paired with embroidered slippers that bring in even more bling because the diamonds just weren’t enough.

This artist of both music and fashion has a style that questions the rules of masculinity in his style without shame as an expression of his personal beliefs on gender identity. Thug made a statement as part of his ad campaign for Calvin Klein was featured wearing a women’s look. He remarked “I feel like there’s no such thing as gender,” and further “In my world, of course, it don’t matter you could be a gangster with a dress or you could be a gangster with baggy pants.”

He may be alone in this philosophy but in his own style, he’s does miraculously add women’s piece into his wardrobe without looking any less like he could hold his own in a bar fight.

Find your Own Style and Make it Rock


I believe Young Thug will go down in history as a staple of our current social climate where the rules of gender identity are being smudged by a generation of forward thinkers who’s DGAF attitudes can change the world. I find his courage to be different awe inspiring in a world wear gender roles are still deeply instilled in us even more so in the black community and on a deeper level, it’s a reminder that fear is a figment of our imagination.

The consequences of treading in a field of the unknown aren’t real, until they happen so that things that keep us from possible greatness are fairy tales that we ourselves are the author of. In a way we can all take a pointers from this style revolutionist. No, I don’t mean you need to go online and start stocking up on skirts. What I do mean is if a black male rapper can wear a dress on his album cover for all the alpha male heavy hitters of his industry to see and still face them, why the hell are your nervous about being emasculated for wearing slim fit pants?



5 thoughts on “Young Thug: Challenging the Rules of Hip-Hop Fashion and Masculinity

    1. I know, the black lace look on talked about impressed me the most because I wrote in a previous article about how tough it would be for the average guy to pull off lace but this guy cracked the code.

      Thanks for reading,

  1. This guy has an incredible style! He’s very courageous to wear woman’s clothes as a rapper. I’m curious to know the reactions among his other rap colleagues? Rap is often seen as a music with lots of testosterone in it, so a rapper who dresses like a woman is kind of odd in this world. What are your feelings about this?

  2. Hello Anthony!

    I would say that my favorite look of Young Thug is the all black with diamonds too. To my surprise, he managed to pull the see-through top, which is a women’s garment, without looking feminine at all. On the contrary, he still looks masculine. Not to mention that he pulled off the Calvin Klein ad great!

    1. I agree with everything you said Antonis. Young Thug actually changed my idea of men’s fashion in a lasting way and although I wont be experimenting with androgyny anytime in the future, i have a greater appreciation of the ever growing diversity in the world of men’s style.

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