Where Are All of the Pocket Squares?

where are all of the pocket squares

Gentlemen, it fills me with a great deal of regret to inform you that we are experiencing a famine in the accessories department of men’s style! There is a treasure that is becoming as rare as a white peacock, if you haven’t already guessed by the title of this post, it is our dear old friend the pocket square.

Yesterday, I decided to go on a little family outing to my local shopping mall to piece together a last minute outfit for a fashion show I am attending soon. Online shopping reigns supreme in today’s millennial marketplace but I still like the physical aspect of going to these retailers. The store displays, feeling the fabric of the apparel, the overall experience is something you can’t get from your smartphone or tablet screen but I’ll admit that I can be old fashioned at times.

With a bit of digging, I was luckily able to find exactly what I needed but I realized that I did not have that special finishing component, the earmarked item in the form of a pocket square to seal the deal on the success of the outfit. I thought this would be an easy item to scoop up and be on my way but it turned out that I would be reaching for the stars in my quest for suitable pocket square.

The Synopsis

 My local mall pales in comparison to the ritzy venues like the mall inside of the Time Warner Center in Manhattan but it also isn’t a strip mall in some unknown town in West Bubble….. you know the rest. The mall has a variety of stylish boutiques of the worlds biggest brands but they all had an obvious belief that pocket square are not important to their customer but the question is why?

My first thought stems from your modern fashion culture that fosters a causal air like we have never seen before. I notice this everywhere, anytime I go someplace that isn’t a higher-end establishment, the majority of the patrons will be dressed as if they were painting their houses or dressed to do laundry on a lazy Sunday where no one would see them. This is becoming the uniform of mainstream America, we no longer get excited about looking our best anymore, comfort above all else but what about style? The one truth that need wide understanding is that both can be achieved simultaneously.

The second reasoning for the scarcity of these missing cloths I decided was the simple fact that we men do not wear suits as often as we did in the past. Once upon a glorious time, the suit was a man uniform carrying him throughout his various functions of day to day living.

Today, we have replaced these suits with options that we feel are less pinned up and so the suit has a new place in the back of our closets, saved for special occasions such as weddings or interviews. Therefore, the need for pocket squares are not as high as a pair of sunglasses for example and so the purchasing of them are slim in comparison to other items in men’s accessories. In fact, I spoke to a sales rep in Express who validated my thoughts and told me that they used to hold pockets square but the sales were rubbish until they were places on clearance to get rid of.


Pocket Squares Born Anew

where are all the pocket squaresLike anything else in this world that is a rarity of sorts, pocket squares can easily be found and purchased on online retailer at various price levels so what does this mean?

It means that pocket squares are not on a decline per se but in a period of transition from a faster moving form of merchandise to becoming a sort of specialty item.

This is why you will more easily run into pocket square in stores on the higher-end than you would in H&M for instance.

These handkerchiefs are now reserved for an elite group, a league that consist of men of style who understand the significance of pocket squares in menswear and still use them as a part of their wardrobe to further the character of their ensembles.

There are places that cater to these men or shall I say US and that is where you will find pocket square in their style studded glory in many degrees of colors and patterns to choose from.

My favorite pocket squares are the ones with a busy pattern because I use them to add a touch of dazzle to a party of solid colors or to partner with a more subtle fabric motif or pattern. Your style prospects are staggering when it comes to these squares of textile gold and best of all, they will add a sex appeal to your look like you won’t believe but if you don’t believe me, ask any stylish lady you know and she will tell you that she loves a man in a pocket square.


Do Pocket Squares Have to Be Formal?

The simple answer to the question posed above is NO! Pocket square can be incorporated in looks that are as laid back as a palm tree and can be worn anytime you are wearing a suit, sport-coat or blazer, I even sneak them into the pockets of sweaters from time to time.

On a lazy summer afternoon, why not throw on a pair of shorts and a nautical tee shirt, finishing it with a linen blazer with a complimenting pocket square. Going out for drinks? Try a pair of light grey slacks with a white shirt and a blazer with a coordinating natural color in a stunning pattern for visual appeal. With this look, a pop of color introduced with a trusty handkerchief will bring a little sprezzatura to your look.

So many blogs wrote great articles on the best ways to where a wear a pocket square and how to fold them so I’m not going to add to the pile. So for further details, you can check out the link here to put the pocket square style into action and prove that great style and become rare but it will never fully go away.


*If you have any question or opinions about this article please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Where Are All of the Pocket Squares?

  1. Great post on pocket squares. They are probably, after the tie (of course), my favorite accessory a man can wear with his suit. It is the single piece of clothing that can show more flair and style, moreso than even a tie. I am with you on the busy patterns on pocket squares, they definitely add a lot more attitude, specially when dealing with very basic and plain ensembles.

      1. The luxurious squares are non visible in pockets and also on shops due to slow retailing. Nice to read your article, I printed 20 designs in one go suddenly in Silk, twill few days back and hope to offer same to my customers for winter 2016 collection along with scarfs and shawls. Hope it work. Be fashionable with this smallest piece of cloth in your pocket.

        1. Your right, these are a slow moving product now as KI discussed in my article but your sales prove that pocket squares are far from dead and I’m glad to hear it.

          I wish you the best and thank you for joining the conversation Sushil!

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