What to Wear on Vacation This Summer

what to wear on vacation this summer the gentlemens ledger The time has come to cash in on those paid vacation days and fly out to the paradise of your choice for a little R&R. You’ve got your hotel reservation made, a list of key places to visit and hopefully you’ve researched the local hot spots to visit but have you considered your clothes for these activities and places? American get a bad rap for their vacation fashions but I’m here here to help combat that image of the guy wearing the fanny pack, with a Hawaiian print shirt and dare I say, socks with sandals. Whether your packing for Miami or Thailand, I’ll show you a few pieces you need to add to your luggage to do up your vacation in style and avoiding looking like that poorly dressed uncle that we all have that fits the description of the “American Horror Tourist”.

Crisp White Shirt

Picture it, the sun is shinning and the waves crash onto the sand as the air gently sweeps to shore. You walk along the beach as the sun reflects off your dazzling white shirt immersing you in a glow of summer radiance. To me, this image IS summer wrapped up in one lone scene and the sartorially important part of this imagery is this Classic Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt from Ben Sherman. This impeccably crafted staple in menswear shirting is cut in the labels iconic “mod fit” and features a two finger button-down collar, branded label spade pocket and a V cut details at the sleeves. wear this finely crafted shirt with a pair of shorts on the beach or a pair of light colored chinos on your adventures away from the tourist traps but remember, if the area looks sketchy,  it probably is!

A Jacket for Someplace Nice

I’m sure you’ve heard this several time before “make sure you bring a jacket so we can go someplace nice.” This doesn’t mean go and grab your “go-to” wool, navy blazer. It’s summer after all so its time to upgrade to blazer that has that understated elegance that will allow you to wear it on a night out of at the local hotpot of your vacation destination or to brunch with your lady or your fella (its 2015 you know). The Staling linen blazer from Ted Baker is a fine example of the perfect jacket for a warm summer party or a daytime look that will carry you from brunch to strolling through the local museums. Disclaimer: for those of you who are going to make fun of my museum suggestion, I say its time you get some culture my friend before it dies out from lack of appreciation (insert assertive stare-down and head cocked to the side). Combine this summer essential with the white shirt previously mentioned and a pair of chinos for a day to night transitional look or piece it together with a linen shirt, pocket square and lapel pin as shown in the photo for a polished yet casually refined look. Basically, if your not going on vacation with someone special, this jacket will help you find that special someone because its just that damn powerful!

Nothing Short of Awesome

Alright gentlemen, I’ve been quite conservative for the selections so far but its time to dig a bit deeper and add some visual height to your vacation wardrobe. For those of you who are afraid of pattern, its time to put on your big boy britches (with the pattern of your choice), its only intimidating before you actually try it. The thing about pattern is that it adds depth to an outfit and turns a look that may be basic into something more playful and attractive. I am a deep advocate for patterns and one of my favorite patterns to wear are subtle floral prints and plaid but I try to collect as many different patterns as possible. This spring/summer trend is not for the weak of heart as the idea of wearing flowers still scares a lot of men but the thing to keep in mind is that there are different levels of botanical designs that are on the market which can range from undertone to “take this ish” so you can choice your level of force. These printed shorts, pictured above are a middle ground between subtle and bold with its contrast between the medium blue of the short and the white stippling design of the stem and leaves illustrated. The rose buds themselves are the same color as the background of these blue shorts but the white outlining of the roses give them dimension, making them appear as if they are floating off of the fabric.

For the Night is Dark and Full of Breezes

 For those of you who get that title, we are best friends now and like my other best friends, your are stuck with me for life!

With that in mind, have you ever gone to the beach realized that you forgot to bring a sweater? That’s when you feel your vacation transform from a beach resort to a ski lodge so allow me to remind you to pack this all important piece so that your not caught off guard. This nautical inspired pullover sweater is made of a blend of wool, linen and alpaca offering a light but warm defense against the sometime unpredictable weather of summer. As a perfect layering piece, you can easily support this knitted gem with dark denim and a pair of a white canvas sneakers for a daytime sprawl through the local shopping center or a day out to sea just don’t forget your sunglasses!

Style Checklist

 Alright, so I’m assuming you have your basics already prepared but lets double check the editions. Short sleeve shirt, check, linen jacket, check, printed shorts, check and you even packed a cool sweater. looks to me like your all set to go and find some adventure in some far off land, or another state in your country, whatever.

Now that I have equipped you with these key pieces to add to your vacation luggage I’m happy to  say that you will be helping to can the old image of the American can on vacation with a fanny pack strapped to his waist. Bon voyage and make sure you tell me how your vacation goes!

Where are you vacationing this year? Be sure to let me know what clothes you are packing for your trip and what pieces you wouldn’t go to a warm climate without!

6 thoughts on “What to Wear on Vacation This Summer

  1. Great post – will point my husband in the direction of this! Well written with humour and great advice for those sandal and sock wearing blokes…. 🙂

  2. Wow, I feel like I just took a vacation with the way this is written. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and love a man that is masculine enough to rock floral patterned shorts. You definitely have a fantastic sense of style, trendy and sophisticated, yet casual enough for a vaca. I will be sharing this with my man for sure!

    1. I’m glad to hear that my words took you on a mini vacation and I really appreciate the amazing compliments. It takes a real women to appreciate a man secure enough to wear florals so your guy is a lucky chap and I hope he will enjoy my post just as much as you. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back in for new posts!

  3. This is indeed a very professional looking website. I agree with Jess on the “floral patterned shorts” but imagining my bf wearing those..OMG that’s a big NO NO. I’d recommend him wearing the Crisp White Shirt though.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Meina, I figured since this is a style blog, I may as well try and make it look eye catching.

      As for the shorts, I understand they’re not for everyone as I’ve found that most people are afraid of prints and patterns but I would definitely recommend every man to have a crisp white shirt in his closet.

      Thanks for leaving a comment Meina, make sure to stop by soon!

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