Valentino – Fall and Winter Just got Hotter

valentino fall and Winter Just got Hotter


Ah fashion shows, parades of some of the world’s finest works of art newly produced for enthusiast of such art to wear. It may be odd for a men’s style blogger to proclaim but I find that the men’s shows pale in comparison to the women’s shows…… actually screw you that’s not weird it’s just fact. The reason for this overall is that womenswear has a wider range of style options because men’s fashion is far more understated. This means that in order to make a men’s show spectacular attention to detail is key to add discreet awesomeness that we men of style appreciate and often look for when curating our closest and that is what was offered by a select few of designers this season, one being Valentino.

The fall/winter 2015 menswear collection from Valentino’s offered a presentation that was the very symbol of style at a high level, covering what I deem as the three pillars of a great outfit (color, pattern and texture) and these are the three areas where we’ll take you for a closer look for style inspiration.


The magic of color is that if used correctly, it can influence a deeper level of visual appeal to any look which is why adding one bold color to a monochromatic look can make not just that piece but the whole ensemble look like you’ve been dressed by a celebrity stylist. It’s all about execution and Valentino offered perfect examples of how to pack a style punch with little more than a pinky finger.

At the start of the show, the outfits featured traditional business attire colors like navy blues and greys but that quickly transitioned into bolder hues as the show moved forward.

Colors of the fall cladded the garments of the F/W men’s collection with shades of green, burgundy, blue and brown ranging from smooth and sultry to bold and vibrant. The darker tones draped the tailored pieces giving them a seductive appeal that I immediately thought we be great for the next Save Venice Ball

The colors took a bolder turn with brighter toned hues further enhanced by the quirky patterns they were mated with.

What I particularly liked about the use of these gem colors is the way the brand coordinated them with looks that weren’t standard neutrals but rather, they were introduced to the sultry, fall tones like burgundy colors like navy blue that was featured was enhanced by shimmering fabric and merlot with black accessories.




The patterns on this runway were in a distinct geometry theme that according to was inspired by an artist by the name of Esther Stewart. The creative directors of the brand Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri gained inspiration from this young Melbourne-based artist’s painting and used the style that would make you like geometry almost as much as high school math nerds.

The colors played a big role in the looks by enhancing the geometric shapes that were clustered together to form abstract art on each piece that they were featured on. Triangles, circles and squares in contrasting but complementing colors created a sophisticated whimsy which made the garments worth watching and way more worth purchasing. My take is if you’re going to design clothes that cost a substantial amount of money, I want more than just a posh label on my tag and hell even more than fine craftsmanship. I want to be wowed by the visual aspect, after all fashion is visual but most of all I want to wear garments that make me feel like a shining piece of ass that will make women want to club me over the head and take me hostage for days on end.

In addition to the geometric shapes featured in the fall style there are also a few more motifs thrown in the mix like a green suit and an overcoat with a mini three leaf clover print, and a wool flight jacket with a massive owl on the back who’s wings spread out to the front shoulders, meeting at the chest. These sort of quirks aren’t for every man but we can all appreciate that level of amusement in a piece especially when it looks striking



valentino-shearling-sweater-jumper-thegentlemensledgerStyle wise, my favorite thing about fall and winter is that they are the best seasons for adding texture to your style cast. This show reminded me that the most conservative amount of texture can have a voluminous effect on your look if its executed the right way. The grain of the knitwear married well with the geometric patterns adding an extra layer of cool to all already badass look as did the wool coats in the collection. But, just as the use of color went from low key to BAAAMMM in the show, so did the texture in the form of shearling outerwear.

As one of this season hottest trends, the shearling has proven its range in functional for every man’s closet, being featured in all types of look ranging from youthful streetwear to urban gentlemens with everything in between and the valentino collection had not one, but three shearling outerwear pieces in three distinct forms.

The first of the shearling parade was a casual, off-duty style jacket in tan. It wasn’t enough for this brand that the shearling in its classic form is quite detailed but no, they turned up the volume by adding slanted zippers and patch pockets, turning this into a high fashion utility jacket.

The second was what can best be described as a shearling bomber jacket. That body of the jacket was made solely of the plush wool synonymous with the shearling paired with sleeves in a contrasting woven wool. If that wasn’t enough, the bottom hem of the jacket was made of denim as a way of saying, no no, we’re not done yet.

The third jacket was an overcoat with bold patch pockets adorning the same wool base as the bomber and MORE DENIM! This time the denim not only lined the bottom of the coat but it was also the makeup of the underside of the sleeve creating even more texture to a party of just that happening all on one coat.

The final shearling number I saved for last out of sheer magnificent! This last shearling number really caught my eye, well actually I almost missed it but when i did notice, I was floored by the simple yet innovative creation. The piece I am referring to is a shearling sweater, yes, a f**cking shearling sweater for men.

This sweater mirrored that same makeup as the jackets and coat with the plush wool bodice and the patch pocket but in a form that is all its own and can of course be worn throughout the day. This means that thanks to Valentino, we can now where a shearling on top of a shearling. That means if you zip the overcoat over the sweater, you have a shearling inside of a shearling, it’s a shearling inception.

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