Upgrade your Saxx Appeal with Saxx Apparel

upgrade your saxx appeal with saxx apparel

Not all underwear are created equal and the name on the tag doesn’t guarantee reliability. The most popular brands of underwear for men on the market today are little more than a simple craft of cotton with a flashy logo stamped on the waistband with no focus on the underwear needs that a lot us noticed but ignore. If you’re a man that is smart with his money and like to get the best value for the best price, you may have wondered if there is more in the world of undergarments that would serve those areas. The answer to your question I’m proud to say is yes and the underwear that offers these services are from SAXX Underwear Co.

SAXX underwear are a product of the marriage between technology and innovative design to give birth to a pair of underwear that’s optimal for any man that looks for comfort and support for high performance or everyday living. We’ve all been there, that moment when you’re in a crowded public place and your underwear, for no reason that you can conceive has your junk in the equivalence of a submission hold.

Now you’re left with two options, you can leave it alone like a polite and responsible adult or you can just dig right in those trousers and kick your abusive underwear’s ass. What are the results of the two, well with option one you’re forced to test your tolerance for discomfort as well as risking the extinction of your family line while option two will mostly definitely be seen by a curious child who will point out your game of tug of war in this place filled with strangers turned spectator at the crotch fight. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the prospect of the police showing up, all due to a pair of basic underpants.

Why Saxx

Of course, I would never lead you astray so I took the pleasure of trying out several styles of these underwear and I can tell you first hand that these are some of the best underwear I have ever slipped on my booty and if you think that’s too much information, well buckle up because shits about to get in depth!

SAXX offers a wide range of different style that will suit your personal taste and so I sampled three styles that fit mine. The First style I slipped on is called Vibe which is my kind of party as it is very fashion driven.

Vibe features looks in a variety of different prints, and patterns all paired with a unique combination of contrasting yet complementing colors. Such as the red and grey anchor print pair that I have. They’re made of a soft and lightweight viscose material that presents this pleasant airy feel with a dash of spandex for that much needed stretch.

The second pair of underwear I’ve had the pleasure of donning was the Ultra style, good name no? It sounds like big-boy underpants and you can take that however you want. The ultra is what the great people of SAXX consider a staple in their collection. It too is made of a viscose fabric which has natural moisture wicking properties and of course that breathability feels as though you’re wearing soft tissue paper.

The final pair that I own is from the Kinetic line which is a part of a category separate from the other two styles. While the other two styles are best suited for your everyday comfort needs, Kinetic was made purely for high performance activities, so add these to your gym bag. These are made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex to from moisture wicking, 4 way stretch mesh fabric with elastic leg openings that will keep everything in its place as well as moving WITH you during your workout instead of against.

What all of these jockey shorts have in common is their feel, similar to a gentle breeze I image you would experience from going commando under a kilt on a temperate summer day. I mentioned value for your money and at an average price of $40 per pair, these holsters are less than half the price of most of the high end label that’s trending plus there’s actual value provided outside of a name.

Final Revelation

So this day marks the end to an era, no more do we need to suffer a rise in our underwear that feels like the fury of an invisible middle school bully; long gone are the times when your thighs act as sandpaper to your nads and the days of heat waves in your loincloth.

Maybe this revelation will change the way fashion brands think of men’s underwear and maybe this will increase a demand of better quality. But until then, SAXX can be the go to for any man that wants to feel like his underwear is nothing more than a second skin or of course that commando kilt ensemble we discussed earlier, enjoy the breeze!

2 thoughts on “Upgrade your Saxx Appeal with Saxx Apparel

  1. Saxx apparel seems like the comfortable yet stylish clothing I am looking for!

    I really like that they have the simple yet effective look to them. I think I am going to have to try out those vibe underpants because my Calvin Kleins just aren’t cutting it!

    Would you recommend their boxer briefs? And is their trunks just like boxers or are they different?

    1. Hey Evan,

      I know what you mean when you say your underwear aren’t cutting it. Most of the top brands only focus on the basic construction of underwear incompletely comfort and durability so you’ll like the new upgrade.

      As for the boxer brief vs. the trunks, the only difference is that the boxer briefs are longer in the legs and I believe the the trunks don’t have a fly which is a bit disappointing. Overall, the other features make up for the difference. Thansk for commenting!

      All the best,


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