Tommy John Underwear- Going Commando Without Trying

Tommy John Second Skin Low Rise Boxer Brief 2003SS S/White

Underwear is a topic that most of us guys don’t jump to discuss among our friends but when one guy in our circle is ballsy enough to mention it, that’s when you see that we all have underwear concerns and I’m that ballsy friend to help you through. All brands aren’t created equal! It’s common for men to buy a brand of underwear because of the well known label but that is never a guarantee of the best in quality and comfort and one of the very best is Tommy John underwear.

At my previous job as a Supply Chain analyst, I sat for hours on end in front of a computer essentially resolving shipment issues in our warehouses. Sounds cushy…… well I suppose it was and that’s when I learned rather quickly that you don’t have to have a labor intensive job to get a lot of unwanted movement in your underwear and that was the start to an upgrade to my undies drawer.

I remember the day at my desk when I decided that there had to be a better grade of men’s boxer briefs! No more would I put up with boxer briefs that had the impact of a middle school bully rising my under-britches higher than what you would consider humanly possible and that’s when I discovered Tommy John Second Skin Low Rise Boxer Briefs.

Whats So Great About them?

Well I’m glad you asked, these low rise boxer briefs are the most comfortable I have ever placed upon my derrière and that’s due to the overall design of these unmentionables starting with the fabric. Tommy John has crafted a fabric that they call ” Second Skin,” a feather-light, silk like fiber made from beech wood which feels like a second skin on your body.

These second skin boxers belong to a genre of underwear made from Modal fabric. According to wikipedia, “Modal is a type of rayon, a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, in this case often from beech trees.” Tommy John’s fabric Many brand produce these types of underwear but none that I have tried has presented the following three features of the second skins that makes them unique.

First, these boxers do not ride up with every little human movement like some of the other brands that i have worn. That is due to the stretch added to the fabric for shape retention. In addition to the stretch, this Second Skin fabric is resistant to shrinkage and fading as well as pilling which means these undies have a life expectancy even longer than today’s baby boomers.

Second, the contour pouch design offers incredible support for your “utensils” and a lift that added to the overall sleek style of the design that will make you feel like an underwear model, minus the abs sadly. The pouch also has what the brand calls a “Quick Draw Fly” which wittily sounds like a Wild West gun show-down. This is simply a horizontal fly that offers quick and easy access for the trip to the bathroom stalls. If these seems insignificant you most have never been in the center of a wrestling match between your member and your fly all thanks to a maze of cotton walls placed on the pouch of your undies.

Third, the silk softness of the lightweight Micro Modal not only provides an elegant feel, it makes these boxer shorts breathable, controlling your body’s temperature and keeping you cool and dry throughout the day. Any weather between hot and cold can be withstood in these shorts as they feel as though they have their own built in climate control. So now, that light jog to the train or bus when you’re running late to work won’t leave you feeling damp nor will you feel frost bitten on those cold winter mornings.

Unlike many of the other brands, these boxer briefs aren’t positioned just for sports activities. These are designed for everyday use with the features previously mentioned and I can say from personal use that these are by far the best value for a reasonable price tag. One of the best quality about the Second Skin Low Rise Boxer Briefs are in the fit that caters to the fashion of today’s modern man. comprised of 90% Non-Pilling Micro Modal and 10% Spandex, the tailored fit and light weight won’t feel bulky under your finely trimmed pants and will not show any unsightly seams.

Part of being a man of style is to have every area of your wardrobe covered and it starts with what goes on under the clothes that the world sees. Underwear are the foundation of your look because they are the foundation of how we feel in our clothes and I can promise you that these are one of the most solid foundation you can buy to bring your underwear game up to a new height. Tommy John Second Skin Low Rise Boxer Briefs are what you need to feel the most comfortable in your own skin by getting yourself a second skin.

Although, my favorite underwear from Tommy John are the Second Skin Low Rise Boxer Brief, they have a full line of options to fit every underwear preference (except perhaps, man thongs), get a pair here!

2 thoughts on “Tommy John Underwear- Going Commando Without Trying

  1. i wish i could talk my hubby into wearing some of these alas he is the umtilate het white boy loose ass boxers all the way .is it wrong to wish he would gay it up just a little? *sigh* i’m so bad.

    1. No man has to be GAY to dress better! Being a man is all about progression but sometimes we need help to be steered in a better direction and a lady in our lives can make all the difference.
      That’s where women like you come into play. If you hate his underwear, buy him these and once he puts them on and feel how great they are, he won’t be in baggy boxers anymore.

      Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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