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Unlike women’s fashion, I’ve noticed that most trends in menswear carry an endurance that makes me question if our trends should be considered trends at all. Black and white is a classic color combination that has fueled the fashion world for as long as the word has existed but this summer, designers have highlighted and encouraged this style selection by offering a variety of look in these stunning hues.

This time-honored color twosome is an example of how two neutrals can look anything but and pack a punch that outweighs their stronger wavelength cousins.

Polo With a Pop

PATTERN, that the name of the game this season where designers have dished out bold prints to add even more volume to this already show stopping color pairing. The knitted polo I’m wearing strikes a statement in its own with the large checkered windowpane pattern it features. This polo is my new favorite piece of knitwear because it has a taste that I prize. The cut of the polo has a vintage appeal that mirrors those of the great 50’s and 60’s but the graphic pattern elevates the polo to a trendy and current state.

Trendy can sound like a dirty word because it often implies an inevitable death of a current style but I cant say that a pattern like windowpane will ever go extinct nor will black and white so i suppose its safe for me to assume that I can possible wear this to my future child first day of school long from today.

Trouser Power

black and white trend windowpane polo

I’m all for the subtle details in an outfit that warrants a closer look so for the pants, I selected white slacks with a light grey pin-stripping which is visible in the photo below. These pants are a bit special to me because they were an extreme bargain form an end of the season sale last fall which allowed me to purchase these at 50% off.

They were a little on the large side and the shape was completely off so i do what I always do in a case such as this and took them to be custom fitted to me by my tailor. I highly recommend taking this route with clothes that are reasonably priced but misshaped as you will offset the cost of the tailoring by buying at a discounted price  and get a bespoke fit. This is what I call winning!


Embracing the Bracelets

black and white trend stainless steel bracelet

Bracelets are a part of my everyday attire so even if I was rushed out of my house in the middle of the night, I would still be tempted to reach for a few bracelets that coordinates with my pj’s. The key to makes your bracelets visually appealing is to treat your wrist like its own part of a whole which shouldn’t be hard to imagine since it is! Some guys like a large cuff of bracelets but I like to keep it to an maximum of three and a minimum of two bracelet on my right wrist as the left hold my watch. To make things interesting, create a cluster of different textures and materials as I did here. With a combination of a beaded bracelet paired with a stainless steal and silicone bracelet, my right wrist holds its own style and compliments rather well if I may say so myself and I can since this is my blog, (insert evil laugh)!

Timeless Timepiece – So Contradictory

black and white trend armitron watch


Its funny that I only just remembered by looking at this photo that i need to have the battery replaced in this watch since it was not 11:04 am or pm when I shot these photos. This watch is one of my favorites because it technical belongs to the casual category of men’s watches yet is has a more dressed up look as a result of all that bling brought about for the steel. Notice how the light bounces of the face and gleams against the polished stainless steel adding a touch of shine without the douche factor of a hip hop stars watch.

Task a closer look and you will notice the four hour marks have a shimmer to them. No no, these are not diamonds my friends but something I like much more, Swarovski crystals. Some of you elitist may argue with me on this, but I think theses gems are the prefect alternative to real diamonds without going for an intimation. Its a similar luster with a price that is no where close to comparing. So if you cant flip out that master card on a new diamond Rolex, go for the crystal and you’ll still shine and have your rent money.


No Straps or Monk Straps, That Is the Question

black and white trend monk strap shoes

In past articles, I’ve discussed my love for rolling up the hems of my pants legs in the summer as well as my fandom of sock free style so this look adds an image to support my statement. Monk straps are great shoes to own because of their versatility to be worn in a causally or formal mode. These can be worn in the board room and on a night out but my favorite aspect of these elegant kicks are how well they wear when you snatch socks out of the equation and roll up those pants legs to give them the attention they deserve.

The Look: Polo from Le Château, Pants from Tasso Elba, Shoes from Aldo, Stainless Steal Bracelet T.J. Maxx, beaded bracelet from H&M, Watch from Armitron and Sunglasses from 21Men.


The Final Review

Black and white is a staple in color pairing that is difficult to get wrong if you apply the right pieces. This everlasting style trend is a great choice to go classic this summer and challenge the typical bright color expectations of summer menswear and be an ambassador for elegance and impeccable taste, the only question that remains is how will you wear this classic union of colors?


I want to know your style, please leave me a comment below and tell me your ideas and style plot for wearing black and white this summer!

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