Style Survivial – Late Spring Cold Front

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I know I’m not alone in saying that I love a rainy day or two in any season, but their is something about a rainy spring day that takes the cake. Damp and chilly days stimulates relaxation in me and gives me the sensation of resting on the pages of a Victorian novel, leisurely laying about in my country manor watching the rain without a care in the world aside from what to have with my tea. This is what happens when you watch too many period movies and shows as a child and now Downton Abbey repeats that same phase.

In light of the rainy day solace, my clothing choice reflects that aim for warmth and comfort on a chilly damp afternoon and so I bring you what I call my “Spring Cold Front” look.

Sweater Weather

shawl collar cable knit cardigan I find any excuse that I can to pop on a sweater of some sort and what better excuse than 55 degree weather in the beginning of June. I think this cardigan is a great representation of not only me but the identity of this very blog, classic with a modern twist.

The classic component is in the nature of the cardigan itself as shawl collar cardigans as we know them today were developed in the late 1800’s and the style has been reinvented into today’s mainstream thanks in part to the Ivy League style.

The modern kick however comes into play with the introduction of color blocking in this knitted layer. This is an enduring trend that has appeared on the runways of some of the finest brands in past seasons and I have no doubt that the reign will continue!

The chunky cable knitting makes this cardigan not only stylish but undoubtedly warm and cozy; its the style savvy equivalence of Linus’s blanket from Charlie Brown.

Dressed down Dress Shirt

white dress shirt


Nothing beats a classic white dress shirt! This wardrobe essential can be dressed up or down for any given occasion and any given season which make the white shirt King of Versatility throughout the entire year.

I do have one issue and maybe you can help; I cant seem to find out what the name is for the subtle stripes embedded in the fabric of the shirt. Based on my need to classify things that I discuss, I’ll have to make a name for it, so I’m going to declare this style as “Engraved Stripes!”

Classic doesn’t have to mean typical; although subtle, this variation in this dress shirt adds a greater level of depth to my look simply by having this small contrast in the fabric textures.


The Power of Denim




levis jeans anthony bryant


I don’t know if you have ever noticed but certain clothes seem to hold a long lasting relevance in a world of ever changing fashion and the jeans I’m sporting are a primary example of this endurance. Dark rinse denim is timeless for a reason, this is your no fuss pants options to be incorporated in any look to add a touch of causal cool to your wardrobe.

Throw them on if your on the go or strategically use them to dress down a piece that is on the dressier side, your options here are far from scarce.

Time for the Timepiece

stainless steel watch


In my last post, I mentioned that I needed to replace the battery in this watch but guess what? i’ll give you a hint, it was after 4pm when I took these photos.

I can’t remember a time where I left the house without a wristwatch and cringe when I see a man with naked wrists. Wrist are valuable real estate for accessorizing and should be taken advantage of each time you get dressed.

A watch is a gentlemen’s style weapon to be used as a means to spruce up a outfit without implying any effort. This multifaceted watch provides a great deal of options to be worn in a casual setting or in a more dressed up location. However, links watched such as these should not be worn with a suit, that’s where you go with a leather strap wristwatch. Other than that, a link watch such as this is fair game to furnish your wrist and add esteem to any look.

No Missing Link… Bracelet

link bracelet the gentlemens ledger

Just as I said about watches, bracelets are a great way to furnish your wrist by adding a more dashing appeal to an understated look.

The interlocking loops of this link bracelet is a bit nostalgic for me because it reminds me a similar gold bracelet my dad ha din the 90’s. I particular like the fact that this bracelet is a bit on the loose side because it drapes under my sleeve cuffs in a peekaboo fashion so that you know its their even it its not completely on display.

This bracelet was a random EBay find while at work, where most of my online shopping has taken place and if I can remember, I was able to snag it for a little over $20 dollars. Not bad for a damn good looking cluster of metal if I do say so myself and this proves that great style does not always come at an extremely high price.


Penny Loafer? More Like Pillow Loafers

oxblood loafers the gentlemens ledger

With any given outfit, I like to present a color that pops out of the rest in a look or simply deviates from the other colors which are often of the same palette. These oxblood penny loafers supports that latter, and acts as a subtle yet dynamic contrast to the repetition of white and navy blue continued throughout this outfit.

The best part about these shoes are how comfortable they are to wear! They have built in gel insoles and extra support on the heels making these the best and most style savvy walking shoes I have…. aside from an old pair of sneakers from high school I cant seem to part with.

Remember the no show socks I recommended, well here they are believe it or not. The socks and the shoes here are almost made for each other as the socks are very low cut while these loafers are a bit on the higher side in its cut taking the no show look to a new height. The no show socks can actually show just a bit at certain angles which sounds contrary but is fine. However these shoes, make them virtually invisible making for a much cleaner look.

I chose this color because I think it mixes well with the navy blue of my pants and I just so happening to favor both of those colors enormously. If you don’t have a shoe in this color I highly recommend it as it is timeless and can make a business look appear less stiff or make a causal look more elegant.

So you see, rainy and chilly days in the spring and summer aren’t barriers against you looking put together. If anything, they present you with an excuse to try something new or to wear a light layer that you haven’t been able to touch in months. so enjoy the rain for what it is and don’t let it stop your style, use it as a medium for a change.


The Look: Cardigan – Tommy Hilfiger, Dress-shirt – Donald Trump Collection, Jeans – Levi’s, Wristwatch – Armitron, Bracelet- Unknown Brand, Shoes – Rockport, Eyeglasses – Persol.


Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of the look and if you have any questions, be sure to ask!

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