Several Shades of Red


Several shades of Red

It’s the middle of April and the weather here in New Jersey is in that odd transitional stage where the weather rotates from Fall to Spring in all in the same week. As you can see from the photo, this was one of the better days where the weather allows you to leave your home and leave the outerwear behind and enjoy the improving weather.

It wasn’t particularly sunny but the warmth distracted from the grey clouds in the sky although, I strangely like it a bit shady outside. This is probably why I would be perfectly happy living in my dream city of London, England.

Now that the weather is starting to heat up, I decided to share a Spring look that sprouts a bit of color just as the little bits of foliage throughout Northeastern American cities are beginning to do (go nature go).

Lets Paint the Clothes Red

One of my favorite things to do is piece together an outfit that is to built around on color scheme and with this outfit, I used different shades of red to create a causal look that can be worn both on and off the clock. This Spring color trend has been used on everything and in every shade so I decided to take that same approach and saturate this ensemble with several different shades of red.

Deciding what a color is always poses a pain in what my dad used to call a “hind pot” because unless your a color expert (which actually exists), its hard to detect due to the multitude of different hues that exists. With that disclaimer in mind, I’ll give you my best estimate of what the colors of these items are so allow me to sarcastically apologize to any of you color enthusiast who may be offended.

When picking out an outfit, I usually start with the pants first which I’m going to say is a deep burgundy based off my google search. If you will notice, the pants are the darkest hue and I used it as the neutralizing agent to balance out the bolder tones in this ensemble.

Standing on a Trash can

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I’m almost always sporting some kind of knitted layer but my favorite of them all is the cardigan and my closet is filled with these classic staples. For this look, I chose a light weight maroon cardigan which is perfect layer for a warm but breezy day.

The shirt is great for warmer weather too as it is made of a super fine layer of cotton which lets a cool breeze on enter through the fabric fibers like a cracked window on a rainy night. The pink pairs well with the colors of the cardigan and the pants because its light enough to contrast the dark hue of the pants and subtle enough to pair well with the bolder tone of the cardigan.

The Lasso of Beige

Leather Belt

The belt I added to the mix  is a marriage between a leather and fabric belt which features cognac leather and cotton in varying shades of brown with subtle stripes of white. The neutral colors of the belts fabric breaks off some on the reds and the color of the leather continues the theme which makes this belt both playful and cohesive in this look.

The Wrist of Steel

Staineless Steal

Steal adds a spot of dazzle just as it does on the appliance in a high end kitchen. This shiny little number is a flexible piece because it can be paired with many looks for both casual and formal occasions. My favorite quality about this metallic wonder is the subtle contrast between the polished and the brushed steel.

The Timepiece

Kenneth Cole Watch

In my first ever post, I wrote about the importance of owning a brown leather watch and now, you can see this timeless timepiece in action. The brown leather compliments the colors of the shoes and belt but as you will notice, they are not the same shade. The darker shade of brown in the leather flows with the other leather accessories but holds its own as a contrast to shy away from being to matchy.

This watch also presents a repeat of the stainless steel that makes up the bracelet and contrasts the dark shade of the leather band.

The Winged Shoes

Brown Wingtips

Brogues or wingtips are a timeless staple that every man should have at least one pair of in his closet. These classics can be worn with a suit or with a pair of colored chinos as I have done here. I selected these shoes because the detailing of the pointed cap toe and wings that glide along the sides of the shoes add a bit of visual interest and texture to the outfit.

As you will notice, the shoes and the belt are not perfectly matched and the reason for this is simply because they don’t have to be. As long as your shoes and belt aren’t a mix match of black and brown,the sky is the limit to the style possibilities you can express with just these two pieces.

In today culture, these are the kicks that the Greek messenger God Hermes would be sporting and so should you!


The Look: Cardigan from H&M, shirt from French Connection, pants by Dockers, belt from Lacoste, watch from Kenneth Cole, bracelet from someone on EBay and shoes from Original Penguin.

7 thoughts on “Several Shades of Red

  1. Awesome article!

    I really like how you broke down each element piece by piece.

    I personally have never been a fan of leather bands for my watches as I prefer the bracelet style of wearing my watch where it’s loose on my wrist.

    1. Thanks Jay! I too like link watches and they are just as great as there leather strap cousins. The only difference is that link watches, although glitzy, don’t pair well with suits.

      Other than that, these watches are really cool to have and add a bit of shine to a look. Thanks for reading!

      1. For the most part you’re fine as long as you’re in the same color family. Dark brown shoes with a slgthily lighter belt or vice versa isn’t going to offend anyone. You probably want to avoid really noticeable differences in shade, like wearing a very deep chocolate brown belt with light, almost tan, brown shoes, but you can get away with pairing red-brown shoes and a plain brown belt.Similarly, you can get away with gray leather shoes and a black leather belt. It’s hard to find matching belts for some of the more exotic shoe colors, and even if you could they wouldn’t always look great up at the trouser waist. -3Was this answer helpful?

      2. You are both adorable and COOOOl at the same time, the brown and the leather, perfect match with the shoes too 😀 Oh and behind you, Pret a Manger, the best British invasion since the Beatles hahahaa well actually it’s quite great.

    2. For a general guide on matnihcg your non-cloth items (leathers and metals), here’s a video we made on the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel: -18Was this answer helpful?

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