Run! The 90’s Are Returning with Baggy Pants in Hand

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The army has been assembled and the march has already begun, the 90’s are invading and they’re bringing saggy pants with them this fall!

With every new decade, we all collectively look back at the fashion that once defined the era with disdain and regret but when that decade ends, we look back with inspiration and think maybe we didn’t dress so badly back then. With menswear in a decade like the 1960’s in mind, this is a cycle we can all agree with but the 1990’s isn’t an area in style history that I would want to go back to.

The baseball caps, grungy flannel shirts and the overalls with one strap undone made famous by the Fresh Prince himself can be passed as artful but what I cant appreciate or recycle is the loose and draping fabric of the baggy clothes trend but many fashion top fashion houses disagree with me. If you have read any of my other post, you know my views on the fit of clothes. My focus isn’t on skinny fit clothing, my focus is on clothes that are trimmer than the standard fit or at least tailored to the body of the wearer because these types of fits are generally more appealing as this cut supplies just enough fabric to fit into with little extra to blow in the wind like a dramatic 1990’s music video (see R. Kelly).

Why Change Something So Great?

So here is the thing with fashion if you haven’t already figured it out. This is an industry that is ever changing because we in the western world need constant change to offset how easily we become bored. In one day, out the next, that is a philosophy that hold more truth which each new generation mankind produces. Don’t believe me, well then tell me how many times in the last three months have you changed your Facebook profile picture?

As a result, I suppose these high fashion designers decide that the this rebellion from the new standard that is the trim fir I will be a cool way to stay ahead of the game. No designer wants to look like they are out of touch so if these taste-makers are sell us on these new or unusual trends, well that will secure success and combat that consistency that bores us to tears.

Even though I will not be involved in this reinstatement of a bygone fit in menswear, i am excited to see how some men will surely pull these looks of in a way that will make me say “well I’ll be damned” and tip my hat to them even though I very likely wont be wearing one.

Will The Loose Replace the Trim?

fall 2015 baggy pants trend thegentlemensledger

I imagine its hard to speculate what men will want to wear. Even though we are evolving into a new species of man that is less afraid of style and more fashionably ambitious, many of us are still rigid creatures who are afraid to be too bold with our clothing choices. This is a simple man who is subtle with understated values of style that is classic and secure.

On the other end of the other end of the spectrum, there is the man that I call the Bad-ass of Style. This is the guy who wears thing that you would probably never even think of wearing and he pulls it off with such grace and confidence that you almost want to follow in his daring footsteps but you know those steps are too large for you to follow.

Their is also the of course, the man in the middle ground who I call the Modern Dandy. He will experiment with style but stands by his guiding principle of personal taste of classic staples in menswear but offers a clever and subtle dash of creativity in his bearing.

Due to these types of men, I don’t believe that the trim fit will take the same fate as the bell bottoms, but I do believe that the Bad-asses of style will sport the baggy pants in all of their cool kid glory and make this trend a member of the team. On the other side of the coin, I trust that the Modern Dandy will hold the trim fit in its rightful place in menswear as the go to for men in search of a cut fabric who’s elegance has positioned it as a trend that will doubtfully fade into the realm that these baggy pants should have stayed in.

Are you going to wear these, do you think anyone should? Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

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