Lessons in Style We Can Learn from Prince

Ahhh Prince, the permed hair, ruffling shirt and the high-heeled boots nearly scratch the surface of his iconic style. His avant-garde style may be theatrical but there are lessons to be learned buried under all the glitz and glam that we can take into our own style and be our very own style icon.


White on White on White


lessons in style we can learn from prince the gentlemens ledgerWhite on white may be a trend this season but you need not concern yourself with the idea of this look going out of style because its a classic at its finest. Have you ever seen a picture of P. Diddy’s all white parties, the guest look like Greek Gods draped in garments woven by magic and you can channel that same air into your wardrobe if you let Prince be your fairy godfather of style.

Notice how Prince shines in this ensemble like a style studded swan! Its not just the brightness of the look that makes its mark – its the execution of the white that sets a mood like art.

The key to a monochromatic look is contrast……. yeah I know that’s a bit contradictory but I’ll explain.

When an outfit only sports one color at a time you will have to bring something else to the mix to avoid a dipped in paint look. You can do that easily by introducing texture in a few pieces and a slight variance in color give the outfit the same diversity of one with several colors.

Notice in the photo how Prince introduces a touch of texture with the turtle-neck sweater. This adds depth to the look and a sense of bad-ass-ness as a turtle-neck naturally does.

Also, if you bring your attention to that perfectly tailored trench coat, you’ll notice contrasting patches on the pockets, sleeve and right breast in a cream colored leather.

See what I mean now with contrasting colors? This keeps the same color family in an outfit but makes each piece stand on apart form the rest and reign in its own right.


Armored with a Bold Pattern

So much can be said about the power men’s tailoring. A suit holds a firm place as a status symbol, influencing the perception of everyone that lays eyes on a man wearing one to create a Halo Affect.

Take a look at Prince’s suit and the first thing you will notice is those bold strips. This look say screw pinstripes I’m going for the whole damn pen!

Aside from the cut of the suit which should be left to Prince, you can take this same style approach to boost your suit game to a Princely level.

Take the spirit of Prince with you on your next suit purchase and go for what I call an executive pattern. It doesn’t have to be stripes,  a windowpane pattern or glen plaid will also make for a look that says “Get on My Level” with all the confidence and none of the arrogance, well maybe a little.


Pour Color on Every Look

A little color can go a long way but a lot of color is a game changer. Prince was no amateur in racking in the bold hues with looks that would upstage the ball dropping on New Years.

Take a tip from the Prince of style himself and add a bold color to any piece in your look and watch the transformation it makes.

Try a polo in a bright color with a pair of chinos and white sneakers for a weekend look or a pop of color in your pants with a cardigan and dress shirt to add a rock sat vibe to your office look.

So the next time your out shopping for clothes and you need a pick up to your look, remember that your style godfather is a wish away and let his style influence help you create a wardrobe worthy of a triple platinum selling artist.


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