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With every season comes new trends in fashion that are praised by style enthusiast and talked up by fashion magazine editors. Some of these trends stand the test of time, keeping their place in vogue while others fade into our memories of styles past only to reemerge in old photos with nostalgia and the need to clean out your closets. The jogger pants have claimed a spot as a massive trend in menswear which leaves me wondering what fate lies in store them.

Jogger pants had there start in street-wear (the sneaker culture to be exact) and has since blown into mass culture and in turn mass production. Brand such as J.Crew and even retailers like Nordstrom began carrying these pants in a wide range of different style to keep up with the increasing demands for variety. You have options that are in the form of sweatpants, chinos and even denim, all in varying colors and different cuts to offer a wide array of variety with one thing in common of course and that is the all important cuffed ankles.

Since going mainstream, Jogger pants have left me with controverting opinions on them. They aren’t quite my style as I like a look that’s a bit more classic with some trendy elements thrown in yet I kinda like these pants at the same time. Jogger pants can have the feel of sweatpants but offer and more put together look that doesn’t scream “I didn’t shower today” balancing two aspects of clothing that I aim for.

As any other expansion in my clothing inventory, I decide if a new item would fit in with the style of my everyday clothes and sadly these cinched pants did not past the test so they were left out of my style index. I figured these pants would just be another one of those styles that I can appreciate but not sport until a thought came to me that I believe would extend these pants past their fade if it should ever take the fate of Michael Jackson’s single glove look.

Your most Stylish Workout Pants

 Ah, the gym, OF COURSE! This isn’t by any means a ground breaking idea but I’m sure there are a mass amount of you who would like to look good in any activity you engage (that require clothes… sorry, had to do it). Even guys that I know who are pretty stylish lose their game when it comes to workout clothes and these jogger pants are a great solution to that problem.

Jogger pants as they are marketed can be worn in a collection of ways but if this trend does dissolve, what are you going to do with all of those ankle hugging pants you’ve been collecting? You can simply use them just as you do your old high school sorts team t-shirts only these will look a lot fresher and wont be two sizes too small (you’ve seen those guys in the overly tight tees).

Thankfully, these pants are offered in a lot of lightweight fabrics, so burning those calories in these stylish britches will be a breeze. I would suggest going with a pair like these from Zanerobe, which are made predominantly of cotton with a splash of elastane for the added stretch and comfort for those lunges.

The coolest feature of all is the texture of the fabric that is made to resemble denim, that gives you the swagger of denim with the relaxation and comfort of cotton.




2(x)ist Men's Cargo Pocket Capri


One style of jogger pants that I personally love for a workout look are the shorter cuts like the one pictured to the right. These pant are the 2(x)ist Men’s Cargo Pocket Capri’s and are an example of the varying names designers have placed on their version of this huge trend.

This iconic brand who is known mostly for their high quality underwear has expanded into active wear and now offers pieces that can be worn during your athletics endeavors.

These pants are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex which will give you a lot of wiggle room without excess fabric. The low rise hips of these pants are held in place by Adjustable drawstrings in a contrasting color with metal grommets. Of course, you cant be cargo bottoms without pockets and these pants have utility pockets on each side that you will actually use since there are no inseam pockets.

The fact that they are capri’s are really interesting to me. Typically I would advise any man to avoid this middle ground between a pair of pant and shorts but the the cinching at the hem adds the col factor that replaces the feminine look usually given.

As an added bonus, if you’re into to yoga, these would be the perfect yoga pants as they fabric offers a great amount of stretch so don’t worry about ripping your pants during a tree pose.


Final Words

Its hard to decipher what trends will become staples and which ones will be cast aside like your childhood toys but one thing to keep in mind with any new trend you fall into is the bolder it is, the easier it is to become unfashionable.  But lucky for you, the jogger pants are a pretty simple design and avoids in factors that men commonly find offensive in fashion so its possible that the popularity of the jogger pants may decline but who knows, if they do, its very possible that these pants will experience the same revival of the baggy pants.

So trust your instinct and if some new trend in menswear becomes the talk of the town but you think it seems like a joke, it probably will be by the same season it was revealed in my the following year.

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  1. The simple fact of looking good or show a great style to the others might be the definitive force that pulls the guy to the gym.

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