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prince michael of kent royal style

What comes to mind when you think of the English royal family. Maybe you think of a world that merges fairy-tales with reality or perhaps you think of an elitist group of tea sipping individuals who have no relation to the real world. Whatever your opinion may be, if you take a closer look behind the thick palace walls, you will see a glimmer of style that does set them from the rest of us in a way that does not try to demean but to be true to themselves. Many British royal men have attracted attention for their since of style but their is one man who stand above these other titled men and that is HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

Prince Michael of Kent is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II being a grandson of King George V and Queen Mary and is the 44th person in line to the English throne.

Notable British princes such as Charles, Prince of Wales and of course the celebrated Duke of Windsor are two of the most talked about style icons of not just royalty but menswear as a whole but Prince Michael has a style that is untouchable by the likes of his relatives.

I’ll admit that i have a bias for individual who dare to break form the norm in a way that is still universally elegant ans that is the sum of this dapper princes style. Unlike most men of the English royal family, Prince Michael has a code of dress that is distinctive enough that you could pick him out of a police lineup of royal men with bags on their head (what a site that would be).

A Closer Look

Before we get to the suits we have to talk about that beard. Unlike his clean shaven royal relatives, Prince Michael dons a voluptuous beard that could make him a style icon all on its own. These regal whiskers have been compared to that of Tzar Nicholas II, the last of the ruling Romanov dynasty of Russia who The Prince shares an uncanny resemblance to. The Tzar is after all a first cousin of three of the prince’s grandparents.

The cool thing is the contradiction this beard present as it has an old world claim that makes it so modern and just plain bad-ass similar to the men you see in New York today wearing a well cut suit while sporting a perfectly trimmed beard. This commanding beard is a key component to the Prince’s style and  furthers his regal appeal without looking out of touch or stuffy in the least bit but instead it makes him look quite current and edgy on royal standards.

Other males members of the English royal family have a since of style that is highly praised in menswear as well. Prince Charles for instance is known for his striped ties and softly constructed suits while his father, The Duke of Edinburgh is know for his understated style with a meticulous attention to detail. Most recently, it been noted that Prince William, has began to come into his own style-wise but the newest and most unexpected edition to the pack of well dressed blue bloods none other than the regal baby himself, Prince George.

Although Prince George is probably the youngest royal male to grace GQ Magazine’s best dressed list for 2015 , Prince Michael has a style that is much more distinctive and boisterous than his relatives.

Double-Breasted Connoisseur


prince michael of kent double breasted styleThe first thing to note is the princes eminence toward double breasted blazers. Prince Michael almost rarely wears a jacket that isn’t double breasted and now this is a major part of his style identity. In contrast to his fellow royal gents his jackets are always perfectly tailored to fit him like a glove make this dashing prince a poster-boy for Savile Row and Jermyn Street.

This type of jacket is my absolute favorite option for several reasons. For starters, it has an old world aristocratic charm about it that makes me think of the days when gentlemen dressed as so and men of power and success dressed for the roles respectfully unlike today’s titans of Silicon Valley. A double-breasted blazer or suit presents a timeless poise while offering that laid back sprezzatura . This style of suit or jacket has an appeal that makes the man wearing it look like royalty no matter what his background may be and that is what makes style so universal.

Prince Michael wears these jackets in a way that makes him look inherently royal but the trim cut and often bold patterns of his attire makes him look like the cool kid in the royal court; which brings me to my next point.

Pattern Expert

Prince Michael is a great role model for how to wear patterns like a boss. In almost every photograph you will see of this royal chap, he is wearing some sort of patter where it be subdued or bold and daring.

On most occasions, if the Prince is sporting a garment with pattern, he will be sure to have partners of other patterns to support the alpha and he knows how to pull it off with a grace that says “did I do that.”

He may sport a blazer with thick pinstripes but he wont hesitate to pair it with a wide striped tie and thin pinstriped shirt that would a create a sort of striped theme in his ensemble but in a way that looks debonair instead of busy.

Bold Collar Bold Tie

Two of the last feature that makes His Royal Highness’s look distinctive is his choice of tie knots and the height of his collars. This style of tie knot is called the full Windsor. This is a thickly tied, triangular shaped knot that is believed to be named after The Duke of Windsor to emulate the thick knots he used to wear.

I have said before that in most circumstances, I don’t see much use of any knot beside the half Windsor but when your royalty, you can get away with dressing a bit more formally and I will say that Prince Michael pull off the knot in a way that doesn’t look pretentious.

To coordinate with the hefty tie knots, the prince opts for shirts that have large spread collars that rest high above his neck. Most style experts would tell you to stay away fro such a pairing because it can look flashy and unpolished bu the prince of style is a great example of how to bend the rule to suit your personal style and do so the right way.


As public figures, its important that royalty are able to relate to the general public as much as they can and so their fashion choices are expected to show restraint. Luckily for Prince Michael, his role allows him to be his style studded self without the prospect of scrutiny from the public since he will not be the next king of England unless some royal plague sweeps through the Windsor family leaving him next in line.

Although Prince Michael of Kent will never be King of England he hold a title in my book that is just as honorable as the reigning, number one Prince Royal of Style.

12 thoughts on “Get the Royal Look: Prince Michael of Kent

  1. Hello Tony,
    I am into style and how to dress properly but not as passionate as you about it.
    I have never heard of Prince Michael of Kent but I will forever remember him now for two reasons.
    First your great article about his flair for always being dressed outstandingly in any given situation.
    Second your comparison to Tsar Nicholas II is uncanny, let us hope Prince Michael does not end up with the same ill fate as his cousin.
    Great Information,

    1. Hey there San, I’m glad you were able to learn something new and I too hope that Prince Michael does not suffer the same fate as the last Tsar of Russia. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the awesoem comment, I hope youll stop back in for my next post.

  2. Prince Michael of Kent is classy as he can be. The beard is a manly touch. The suit sets it off, and adds to the class of this man. He definitely knows how to throw an outfit together that garners attention and respect. You can definitely tell he has royal blood in his veins.

    1. I can’t agree with you more Randy, Prince Michael does look like what you wold expect from royalty adn that is what makes him unique in the fact that we is one of few royal that do.

      If you could take any ques from Prince Michael’s style, what would it be?

  3. What a great post! You have a great and very engaging writing style. Prince Michael does look both unique and very dashing. He combines patterns that normally think would be overkill, but it works and looks fantastic. Before reading this post I vaguely knew who he was but not that he was such a style icon. Also an example that great style is ageless.

  4. I dig the darker suits with pinstripes. Looks classic and stoic. I agree about the beard. It does give the bad ass look a cool edge. Being a beard supporter myself I don’t understand why anyone would shave everyday unless they had to or couldn’t grow one. I also enjoy those big bold tie knots. i am always intrigued how people tie their ties. Great piece!

    1. Thanks for reading Titius and you just made me realize that I’m actually part of team Beard now, lol. Also, I agree, now that I have a beard, I couldn’t image having to shave everyday and I would like to think that you and I are made to look more bad ass thanks to our beards.

      Be sure to stay in touch and thanks for commenting!

  5. I love this article. I am a fan of the royal family. I particularly like the new generation, princes William and Harry. Sure their lives are FAR removed from mine, but they are a great representation of my country and I am proud of them.

    I never thought o the style side of the royal family and Prince Michael really is pretty suave. His suits look perfect. Well I guess he has the money. I will look at them all in a slightly different way now. Thanks!

    1. Wow Ruth, that was quite a moving comment. I agree, although their lives are far removed from the mass I think they are a great representation of royalty and are as down to earth as royals can be.

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. I must point out that his name is NOT Prince Michael of Kent, he has just one name DAPPER. It hurts me to say this, as I’m Scottish, he is a fine example of English Gentry. I too am a bearded fellow and trying to find the barbers in London who maintain the iconic Royal whiskers so I can have mine shaped too.

    Keep it up Sir 👍

    1. Hey there Joseph. “One Named Dapper,” that’s a name more honorable than “His Royal Highness!” Thank for sharing your thoughts and I wish you the best on your search for the barber of wonders who can rise your whiskers to the level of the one named Dapper!

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