Fall/Winter Menswear Trends: The Good, the Badass and the Controversial



Fall is on the rise and I couldn’t be more excited for the transition into the best season for style. The changing of the leaves and the beautiful colors that come with it, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and of course the fashion are all personal hallmarks for the fall and the things that as a kid, distracted me from remembering that school would also be starting back as well.

Fall and winter are the true makers of fashion as they are the seasons when you can do the most with your style with the simple use of layers and a full range of fabric combinations will not only shield your from the drop in temperature but also make your look richer and more style studded. These and many others are some of the reasons that I think Fashion week in the fall are such a big deal to style enthusiasts.

As always, there is a full range of trends in menswear for the chilly months but I want to take closer look at some of my favorite of this season’s hottest and one of the most controversial new trends and give you my take on how to pull off these looks.

Grey is the New Neutral

The best trends are the ones that won’t pass with time and avoid you from looking “so last season” (valley girl voice) and trends of color are a safe bet in updating your wardrobe. I stole this header title from my interior design enthusiast mom who made me realize that many trends in fashion are influenced from interior design or vice versa and grey is an example of this effect.

Fifty shades of grey were on the runways of Paris, Milan and London with brands like Lanvin, Ports 1961 and Brioni all spot-lighting looks in monochromatic grey in varying shades, textures and patterns (all great areas to cover).

It may not seem particularly ground breaking to see grey featured in cold weather apparel but the presence of this classic color was so bold and well executed that the vibe seemed like a brand new game.

This color didn’t fail to impress on the European runways with its presence being seen in an array of piece that ranged from classic tailoring all the way to sportswear such as jogger pants. It’s too easy to simply add spots of grey into your everyday look this fall so I say go bold and rock several different hues in one look just like the one pictured to the left (or above if you’re on your phone, and you probably are you milineal you).

Try wearing a charcoal colored, sport jacket that has a pattern with a pair of light grey slack, a shirt in a grey and white motif finished with black tassel loafers. This look will pop with the contrast between the sports coat and the pants and the shirts pattern will add another subtle but striking contrast in the look.

A more casual grey scale look and my all-time favorite would be to pair together a mid-grey jumper (pullover sweater), dark grey trousers in a glen plaid and a pair of oxblood loafers for an understated yet striking look that can easily go from work to drinks after hours.

That’s so Seventies (Fashion) Show

The seventies revival is in full swing this season and it’s being presented in with a modern spin different from those seen in all the Austin Powers movies. Turtlenecks, warm colors, graphic prints and leather pieces are areas of this seventies comeback that I’m on board with and those are some of the great items that are on the shelves this season.

Along with these seventies staples are the trendy but slightly outlandish flared pant-legs and wide spread collars as seen on the runway of J.W. Anderson and Marni. The latter are the types of trends I tend to stay clear of since these are styles that went out of fashion once before which means that they will once again. Not to mention the fact that these fashion choices are a bit avant-garde for menswear and will not be something that you can easily place in your wardrobe without being the weird guy in the office and gather strange looks at the bar but if you work in a creative field, maybe it can work for you.

These types of new wave clothes are fun to view at runways because these theatrical looks are something you will likely never see on the streets….. unless you live in one of the fashion capitals but they are not look that can be easily worn by most men.

The classic picks like the turtle-neck long coats, and the next trend I am going to discuss are all style studded classics that will put not just your best foot forward but both your feet will get some action.



In continuation of the seventies vibe, the shearling holds a firm grip as a returning trend for the winter months that are steadily approaching. The shearling holds a special place in my heart as this was a trend in the late nineties that my parents and most of the family members their age jumped on.

Usually, those families that you at the mall dressed alike warrant an eye roll as you look at those well-meaning dorks but my parents and I attempted this same with the shearlings and in my not so modest opinion, I think we put a bad-ass spin on matching family outfits.

These wool-lined wonders come in a variety of different style that will suit your needs for the chilly nights of late fall or the icy mornings of early winter or beyond. Topman created a classic shearling made with a suede fabric with a large fur collar leading down to a continued trim of the fur at the hems of the coat (above, third to the right).

The grand patch pockets lined in fur added to the party of bold already present in this coat and are large enough to act and your brief case on the way to work or house your girlfriend’s teacup poodle or yours, I don’t judge.

Valentino’s fall-winter collection featured a shearling in the cut of a flight jacket that housed the wool that makes a shearling what it is on the bodice with sleeves and the collar in a contrasting fabric.

With the exception of the gym, hiking or someplace where you’ll get dirty, I can’t see any typical occasion where you can’t wear a shearling jacket or coat. It’s durable and versatile making it a great coat to transition from fall to winter with a the addition of layers and can be worn casually or in a more dressed up occasion. When the temperature starts to drop, mix this outwear with a pair of leather gloves and a long scarf tied loosely around your neck for a look that says “I just threw this together and damn does it look good.”

Several Shades of Red


There is nothing sweeter than plagiarizing your own work which is technically not plagiarism but you’ll get my point in a minute! This title comes straight from one of my earlier post where I created a look that emulated the high presence of reds seen on the runways of fall/winter 2015.

Wines, burgundy, and reds draped the well clad models of this fall/winter shows being featured in monochromatic looks that mirrored the presentation of the grey color schemes previously discussed.

Paris in particular had red studded looks often contrasted with the pairing of pieces in black which added a dark and sexy appeal to the bold and often whimsical use of this color family. Some brand such as Raf Simons used the color not as a main ingredient but as a complementary feature to an all-black look.

There are so many avenues you can take to add any shade of red to your wardrobe this season. You can take the approach of Raf Simon or Maison Margiela and add this color as a pop of color to a neutral colored look or you can mix different shades of the same color family as the look I achieved in post mentioned above.

Fur Coats, Rap Star Approved

 I usually advise to stay clear of ostentatious fashion but there is something particularly boss about a fur coat that makes its presence on the runways of fall/winter 2015 fashion week something worth mentioning.

The first show where I noticed this style studded fixture of outerwear was on the runway of Dunhill which was my favorite show by far. The coats were luxurious and over-sized resembling those of the golden age of 1990’s hip hop and R&B worn by the likes of EXAMPLE P. Diddy or whatever he’s calling himself these days.

Every man has his own sense of style which isn’t for any of us to question and I respect and celebrate these differences as they represent fashion as the form of art that it is; so if you are daring enough to pull off this impact forging coat, who can stop you?

Although it may seem a bit over the top, I actually really like this trend and I think it can make a brilliant addition to any man’s closet. Men’s fashion can often be on the extreme ends of cut and dry or WTF but this bold statement can be eye pleasing without making small children and hillbillies think you’re a Sasquatch.

I do like the over-sized versions of the fur coat but if you find that it to be too Macklemore for you, I would find one in a trimmer fit that would act as an upgrade to your trusted overcoat. Also, you can take the route that i have been planning since I was inspired by an episode of Downton Abbey last year and get a coat that has fur on the collar instead, now how sexy does that sound? You get the style of the fur but in a more understated medium.

If you have the confidence and of course the budget (I’m talking to you mister executive) this coat can make a great feature with a black tie look if you attend these types of events or if you find one that is a bit on the trimmer side, you can easily incorporate it into your winter looks.

However, if you’re feeling particularly ballsy, go ahead and get the voluminous coat as as shown in the pictures above and be that rock star on the streets that turns heads making people wonder, who is that guys in the kick ass fur and how can I be that alpha?  The answer could be you and the alpha is helped by the coat!



Let’s play a game. Squint your eye and tell me who in the picture is a male and who is a female. As you can see by the picture of the Fall winter Gucci collections for both women and menswear, the rock gods of the 80’s have influenced the fashion world once again with outfits that seemed to be pulled straight from the closet of David Bowie and Prince.

Androgyny is happening in fashion but no longer in the women’s department alone and it seems to be more than a mere fade. it appears to be a movement, a cultural shift from the gender roles that we were all brought up on its showing a shift that cant be ignored. Jaden Smith was all over the media for wearing a man-skirt, and flower head dressing which look to be inspired by Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring 2015 look. Oh and if you’re wondering yes I’m aware of what happening in womenswear too, what of it?

One designer represented gender-bending the most prominently in their collection and that was none other than Gucci as shown above. Man-blouses took center stage as strong jaws and wide shoulders meshed with delicate lace and flowy ensembles that were once exclusive to the closest of your lady loved ones. These look acted as two trends in one as these femme trappings also sports that same seventies flare previously discussed through bold prints, secretary blouses and bolo ties all shown in quintessential elongated and breezy silhouette seen in 1970’s womenswear.

I have to say, even though these clothes would make it possible for the first time in my life to share clothes with my mom (which I would never want) but they are really nice. The looks had pattern, texture and the type of depth that makes an outfit stunning, covering areas of style that can only truly be achieved in colder months.

I’m not saying that dudes should start to done skirts unless that’s your thing, but I think this shows a shift in times and a growth in acceptance and awareness in western society. Say what you will but the truth is that some guys would actually wear these clothes and rock the s**t out of them.

I say if you’re going to be as bold and daring as to wear a man blouse, you better make damn sure it looks good so at least you’ll know that you’ve rocked the look leaving haters with more to hate on and supports tipping their hats to your bravery in style.

It’s interesting to be part of a time when people are free to be themselves and be celebrated for it in such a stage as fashion week that will have people take notice regardless of their views. That has been what fashion is all about, a celebration of differences in culture, gender and sexuality that is growing ever more tolerant and loving as time passes and who knows, maybe gender bending will go mainstream, life is ever changing and so is fashion.

As always, be sure to leave a comment with any questions or input you may have, you all have something interesting to offer.

8 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Menswear Trends: The Good, the Badass and the Controversial

  1. Anthony,

    I truly admire the amount of work you obviously have put into your site! It lacks no content or information on men’s fashion. Well done.

    I remain, the t-shirt and jeans kinda guy. But you have challenged me to think a little more about what i throw on, what it says about me.

    Again I say well done! All the very best to ya!


    1. Thanks a million max and it means alot that i have inspired you to think more about what you wear and the impact of those choices. That is my whole ambition for The Gentlemen’s Ledger so I’m glad I’ve got you thinking.

      Ill make a man of distinguished style out of you in no time and still make room for your jeans and t-shirts!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow you really have a lot of information here. I never put to much thought into my style and fashion but is obviously a very big thing. A lot of this stuff seems like it needs to worn in a specific setting right? Like is this all stuff you can wear out casually or to the store or would you only recommend these styles when going out to restaurant or when you are trying to impress someone?

    1. Hey Dylan,

      To answer your question, the appropriate setting for wearing these trends depend on the item in question. For instance, you can easily wear a turtleneck if your going out to diner or if your running errands while. The shearling coat is a transitional piece as well that can be worn to the mall or on a date night with your lady.

      As for that fur coat…. do you like the opera?

      Thanks for reading,


  3. Wow your article is so informative. I apreciate your effort a lot. Talking about the trends for this winter, I looove the fact that 70’s style is coming back with a bit of modern touch. Grey colour is a classy as black,and can be good for any ocassion,if you do it right. However, the fact that there i so much femininity I don’t like. Men should be men. Or maybe my views a little to conservative! I don’t know. All I know,that you put a lit of effort and you are good at your niche. Keep going! I will definitely come back to your website 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura and thank you a million times over for the sharing your thoughts with me. I love to know what my readers think of topics I discuss so your insight is much appreciated and I have noticed that my lady readers don’t seem to like the androgynous styled happening in menswear so that may be something to dig further into.

      All the best,


  4. Wohooo…your menswear review are totally badass and outstanding! I like fashion. In fact I always follow for every trending fashion update that occurred everytime. I like shopping for clothing, in fact I’ll go to internet or other shopping store to look for the latest selling cloth for me to buy.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Mohd, I like that my readers stay on the pulse of whats happening in men’s fashion and I use soem of the lastest trends as inspiraton for my wardrobe as well.

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