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evoke socks fashion with a cause

Fashion is often stereotyped as being flippant and superficial. It is seen as being an area of excess and a symbol for the gap between the rich and the poor and the privileges granted to the lucky few. Many players in the fashion industry are striving to break this narrow idea and show that fashion companies can be more in a society than glamour and take social responsibility. Evoke Socks, a brand that produces bold and colourful cashmere dress socks for men, makes sure that they do their part for mankind and for the world at large as symbolized in their tagline “Inspired by Movement”.

With every bright hued pair of socks you buy, Evoke Socks will donate part of that revenue to a number of charitable organizations  and causes that range from preventing deforestation, to building homes for injured veterans, and much more. This movement was started by the founder Andreas Schreiber and his team as a way to give more generously to their chosen charities while building a successful brand.


The socks from Evoke Socks are made in 80% luxurious cashmere yarn, 8% polyester, and 2% elastane. They are reinforced in the heels and toes and their feather light soft quality make them a comfortable choice. The striking colours enable you to make a statement each time you rest and ankle on your knee which will undoubtedly function as instant conversation starters.

Cashmere, an enduring favorite in womenswear, is slowly and steadily entering the forefront of menswear- through gloves, scarves, socks etc. and I have to say it’s about time!

Standing on your feet all day long can be tough, so why not make them feel as comfortable as possible? The unique thing about cashmere is that it becomes softer and softer with age, improving in quality over time like a  high caliber wine.


Evoke Socks runs a regular blog on their website that posts articles and pieces on mens style as yours truly as well as the significance of being socially aware and the larger impact of such awareness. Their areas of emphasis range from solving the world’s water crisis to breaking down the term “hero” to find out what it means to their customers.

Evoke Socks is genuinely concerned and dedicated to making their patrons realise that when they purchase a product, they are participating in a process that has a larger impact on the world and not just the customers wardrobe. It encourages them to think about social causes on a broader context and presents them with a channel to contribute to those causes while provided stylish men with bold and graphic socks.


Evoke Socks supports a number of charities that work tirelessly in a number of areas. Charities like CoolEarth and Charity: Water work in areas like forest and conservation. National Children’s Alliance (NCA) works to respond to cases of child abuse, bringing law enforcement, prosecution, victim advocates, healthcare and other child welfare professionals together to develop effective strategies to combat this problem.

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is a prominent anti sexual violence organisation that helps victims and works to make sure that  justice is done. The DutJok Youth Foundation uses education, recreational sports, and leadership building programmes to improve the lives of South Sudanese youth to help fight poverty and violence.

Homes for Our Troops aims to build mortgage free homes for severely injured US War Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Kiva.org is a person-to-person micro-lending website, allowing individuals to connect with and make personal loans to small businesses in developing countries to underprivilege entrprneuers to help them achieve the success they aim for and help them to one day give back.

Just purchasing a pair of socks from Evoke Socks means helping individuals from around the world and creating a social impact that can help better the lives of these people and their societies. This is style with meaning; this is fashion with a greater purpose, ,this is Evoke Socks!


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