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Ah Spring, the season of romance, love and new beginnings. The daylight starts to linger a bit longer and the cold begins to slip further way and engaged women everywhere have positioned their special day to unveil in this season of romance or the season of leisure that is summer. Now is the time where many of those wedding invitations you received months ago are coming into play but what do you wear?

Women tend to show up like most events, with their best feet forward but the wedding attire on the male guest can often be lack luster. That is why I’m going to guide you through some sure-fire style executions to make your wedding guest attire pack a punch and who knows, you may capture the eyes of your future bride.


The Suit, Your Sartorial Foundation

 Vince Camuto Windowpane Suit

Wedding are a union between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives or in these days, a small fragment of their lives together but lets not be morbid. Instead lets strip this down to what it means for you as a guest and what decorum expects.

First let keep one thing in mind, this is a f**king party after all, so bring in the fun before the part even begins. I think of a wedding as an excuse for wearing some of the more eye catching pieces that you wouldn’t wear to your job as an investment banker for instance and this can start with your suit.

Today, we men have so many options of suits to choose from that it’s almost overwhelming. You have variations of different patterns, cuts and best of all, color so you can be as playful as your imagination will allow but please don’t dress like Jim Carey in The Mask.

Take this suit pictured above from Vince Camuto as a trusted example of a perfect suit to wear as a wedding guest. This slim fit ensemble offers something subtle but special in the overall design a craftsmanship. The color of the suit is labeled by the brand as “New Blue” and is a cool deviation from a classic Navy blue option.

Although this is not a bold color in the least, the windowpane fabric paired with this elegant hue has that European understated elegance that will avoid that boring corporate look so often seen at weddings.

Another great option and one of my personal favorites is a khaki suit. This style necessity is a spring must have as I talked about in my Spring Trends article and is a semi-causal option that will not leave you looking as though you arrived to such a special event in your play clothes.

If you don’t have a suit cool enough for a Spring wedding or just want another option, you have other avenues to take beside a matching suit.

Rest the Suit, Work the Blazer

 Blue Blazer, White Pants

Blazers for men has the same style equivalence of a little black dress for women as  its your go to for impeccable style that can be dressed up or down based on the circumstances. In this case, it is another root for having bridesmaids try and snatch you away like a family member from almost every movie Liam Neeson stars in only you wont mind being…… Taken (pun, very much intended).

I say if you’re going to wear a blazer, make a statement like the one made above with this stunning cobalt blue blazer and white pants pairing. Blazers can be found in various colors and patterns just as suits so I highly recommend you embrace the colors of spring and go for a unique color option.

If you are savvy enough to pull it off, a blazer in a pastel color can add a nice touch as this color genre screams spring, especially if the events are taking place outdoors. one of the best way to look great in any environment is to mirrors the colors of said environment. So if you’re at a garden wedding, go ahead and pick an outfit that matches the rose bushes that your drunken uncle Ernie fell in at the last family wedding, the ladies will love you for it and the men will be inspired add be provided with fun memories of good old Ernie.


No One Likes Empty Pockets

That breast pocket on your suit jacket, blazer or sport coats is prime real-estate, its like an empty lot on Madison avenue that you now own, USE IT! A pocket square is essential to a jacket, it can be sure to complement the execution of your look or add a pop of color to a monochromatic ensemble.

Rule of thumb if you are also wearing a tie is to make sure that your pocket square does not match this tie. These areas are two different entities and should have their own identities but closely related. Therefore, try to make the tie and pocket square cohesive and this can be done in many ways.

One way is to make sure that the tie and pocket square are the in the same color scheme even if they are not an exact match. Another way is to have either the pocket square or the tie pick up on one of the colors present on each other if one is multicolored such as the tie in the photo above. Lastly, if the pattern in one is bold, lets go a bit easy with the other so that they don’t compete with one another.

Tie Your Look Together

To tie or not to tie, that is the question. With or without this classic accessory, you can have a well pieced look but if you do decide to wear a tie, there are a few things to consider.

First, I always read about different tie knot but a good majority of them seem pointless and pretentious. The only knots I think a man needs to get through life is a Windsor or Half-Windsor knot which are elegant and unimposing.

Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns! If you wore a suit with a subdued pattern like the windowpane suit pictured above, go ahead the throw on a bolder pattern in your tie. The scale of your suit and tie should contrast so if the suit isn’t bold, the tie can be and vice versa. For a more detailed look, check out this video here.

Alright men, I think now you’re equipped for the wedding season ahead. If you follow these tips, you’ll be turning all the right heads without stealing attention away form the happy couple.

If by chance you are worried that you might upstage the groom, just remember one thing. No one cares about the groom all that much anyway he’s just a small prop in the bigger picture that is the bride. Weddings are a exultant affair that creates lasting memories, so go off, have fun and be a part of those brilliant memories that will live way beyond ourselves and make sure that you wear an outfit that will look goof in the picture even when you see its decades from now.

Leave a comment below if you need any tips or have any idea on how to pull of your wedding guest look!

4 thoughts on “Best Dressed Wedding Guest: Wedding Attire for Men

  1. I agree with the above comment that the “No One Likes Empty Pockets” section was a great read. I did not realize that the square should not match the tie. Thank you for clarifying before we head out to a wedding in a few weeks. I love your website along with your writing style. I will certainly pass your website to my husband – he can learn a few things here.

    1. Thanks so much Jillian and I hope your husband will find some value in my tips. I hope you both enjoy the wedding and be sure to come back and tell me what your husband pieced together for the event. Thanks for reading!

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