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Hello Everyone and welcome to The Gentlemen’s Ledger.Anthony P. Bryant About Me

Throughout my life, I have always been conscious of the way I dress but it wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I became deeply passionate about men’s style and began to appreciate it as both a science and an art form. My personal style since then has transitioned from dowdy teen to refined adult (or so I would like to think) and this has made a huge difference in  my overall persona.

In this journey of coming into my own since of style, I have learned that there are many benefits to dressing better, even in the smallest of ways. This has made me feel more confident in myself and in my abilities that that is a feeling I want to impart on all of you.

The reason I started this site is because I noticed that a mass amount of millennial men and older have yet to reach their style potential and this is the result of the mindset present in a lot of young men.

Some of you may think that being a man of style is a chore, you may think it isn’t really important or simply not know how to dress like your best self and this is what I would like to help with and much more.

I want to empower my generation to present the best version of themselves in a way that is both effortless and comfortable to harness your true power of style and be the gentlemen that you deserve to be.

In many cases, you may have already started down that path of becoming a suave and well dressed Gent and for you, I want to be your go to for the latest tends in men’s fashion and offer advice and information of how to enhance the canvas that is you. True, it isn’t the clothes that make the man, but they sure as hell offer some help!

All the best,


Founder and Writer of TheGentlemensLedger.com

Email: tony@thegentlemensledger.com

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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tony

    You have really captured something special here!
    and established yourself in this niche in an impressive way

    Not many website are as polished as this – really well done to you!


    1. Thanks Kerry, Im glad you think my site looks polished as I have spent a lot of late nights fussing over the slightest details. The look was a really important factor, this is a style blog after all. Im glad you like the layout and I hope I can continuously improve as time progresses. Thanks again for visiting!

      All the best,

  2. Like your page very much!!…Great job, its on the pulse of the menswear fashion scene. Keep up the good work my brother!!

    1. Thanks for the compliment and I like your site as well. It has a young street-wear fell and the site design is really sexy.

      You should definitely buy your own domain name which you can get for next to nothing as I have and this will give you free reign over your site.

      Best of luck my friend, you’ve got something pretty cool happening over at The Copped!

  3. Hello there Tony…you’ll always be Lil tony to me. Wow this website is great and I’m proud of you! Great job I’m so out of the loop in what everybody in the family have going on living in ATL! Keep ionthevgreatcwork and from time to time I’ll stick my head in here and get some great tip that I might can pass along to my make friend

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